lifestyle mobility aids is now rhythm healthcare!

“I recently had to begin using oxygen 24/7. I found the cylinders of oxygen to be very difficult to manipulate. I learned that Rhythm’s is the lightest weight portable oxygen concentrator approved by both the FDA and FCC. Because you can use the Rhythm even as it charges, I kept mine plugged into the cigarette lighter of our vehicle en route to the festivities. The oxygen from my new Rhythm seems purer and I found that I didn’t feel as short of breath. If you depend on a machine like I do, you understand what a blessing this is! I no longer worry about losing my independence because the Rhythm will allow me to remain active as well as independent. If you are considering a portable device, be sure to check this one out!”

  • Linda S.

Our Promise:

Since 1992, Lifestyle Mobility Aids, now Rhythm Healthcare, has remained committed to supporting one channel for the distribution of our products. We support the HME Providers that do more than just deliver our products to consumers in need. Our partners care beyond the prescription and offer guidance and education to keep consumers comfortable, safe, and independent.